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Coca-Cola Claims Contaminated Contents in Dasani Water

Worldwide soft drinks giant – Coca-Cola has revealed that Dasani water contains cancer-causing plastic particles. Kenya tops the list of supplying Dasani bottled water. Coca-Cola has claimed the mere presence of micro-plastics in Dasani water and among 93 percent of world’s well-known bottled water products are contaminated by tiny plastic pieces.

Out of all the countries, the microplastics concentration in Dasani water throughout Kenya includes 335 plastic pieces in every litre. However, the samples that were bought from Amazon had a minimum of 85 pieces and maximum of 303 pieces per litres.

The survey was performed by the scientists at the State University of New York and commissioned by the non-profit media organization – Orb Media. The research was performed on the bottled water sourced from Kenya, India, Indonesia, the USA, Lebanon, China, Brazil, Lebanon, Mexico, Thailand, and e-commerce platform – Amazon.

In fact, there’s no evidence to date that claims that ingesting tiny plastic pieces is harmful. Nowadays it’s the main areas of study for scientists as they often get concerned by the increasing rate of plastic pollution and its impact on human as well as the ecosystem.

Coco-Cola held an interview with the BBC and said that it had some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry and used a “multi-step filtration process”. The firm acknowledged that the micro plastics appear to be ubiquitous and may be found at minute amount event in products that are highly treated.

The research was carried out on 259 bottles sold by 11 brands, supplied in 19 locations throughout 9 different countries. The hard-to-believe fact is that only 17 of them didn’t contain plastics.

Besides, the samples from Nestle Pure Life brand from the US were taken and had the highest concentration, i.e. 10,390 plastic pieces in a litre. The study stated that the contamination came at the least from the bottling or the packaging process.

Moreover, the latest survey on a tap water study revealed in September, last year that in an average, there were roughly twice as many plastic particles within bottled water as compared to tap water.

There’s an article published in the UK medical journal Lancet in October 2017 on “Microplastics and Human Health”. It says that while no one has come out to quantify the impact of micro plastics on a human being, immediate measures are required to eliminate its use and know the effects of these particles on the human body as well as the ecosystem.

What are you thinking? Seeking for a perfect alternative to bottled water in Nairobi? Give your office employees a great access to bottle less drinking water in Nairobi through AquaVita, LLC!

Let us know your suggestions and views on bottled water in the comment section below or in our Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ social network pages!

Five Benefits of Filtered Water using Aqua Vita Water Filter System

Pure drinking water is an essential element for day to day living? Pure water is available in various forms packaged and bottled. Getting Pure and clear water by installing water filter system in your office gives you a better living condition. Water Filter Systems assists to promote healthy living and offerd many other benefits. Anti-toxin water, impurity-free water supply to your home or office eliminates the inconvenience of buying bottled water. Water Filter Systems if adopted by employers can give free access to the best mineral water in Nairobi. Check few advantages of adopting a Water Purifier.

Water Filter Nairobi

  1. Oxygenated Water –Oxygenated Water A body cell enhancer by nature and energy, if taken it improves the employee agility. The other health benefit  is it keeps  you free from cancer and imbibe good bacteria in the body and keep you free from viruses, spores, parasites, and chemicals.
  2. Soothing Coldwater – Aquavita Water filters come with water chilling system along with oxygen injection and is controlled to maintain acertain temperature. Aquavita dispenses the fresh and clean chill water right at your workplace in Nairobi.  This helps the working environment bottle free.
  3. Taste Enhancer – Not to say as you feel it as soon as you get a fresh drinking water Filter system installed at your office. You observe the ice quality, the café taste changes and the tea brewer is now become fast to deliver a tea.
  4. RO (Reverse Osmosis), Activated Oxygen injection, Auto sanitization of water and tank, Auto Monitoring are some of the great features to keep your office environment clean, professional and acceptable to anyone.  Microprocessor units help to cut the office utility or even bad expenses.

Water Filter Nairobi

Ultimately you would know what the cost would be! Bottle-less Aquavita Water filer and water cooling systems are available for a nominal monthly price as per your office need and depend on the nature of consumption. You can avail it at a monthly rental fee which is the easiest way to bring one office home or even buy it  which can be a little costly affair.


So why not bring a Water Filter in your office in Nairobi and make a safe office! Aqua Vita LLC is the perfect choice for a pure water solution in Nairobi. At Aqua Vita LLC we are aiming at providing fast, reliable and cost-effective rental water filter system to clients in Nairobi. Our  Aqua Vita water filter system is the most effective way to provide fresh, pure, oxygenated drinking water in home and workplace. Please text us for a free demo of Aqua Vita in your office.

Purified Water a Must Need to Stay Safe in the Present World

Water is life and you cannot do anything without water. Water you use must be purified and fresh. In the current times when there is huge scarcity of pure drinking water, at the same time science and technology make it more costly. However we can’t leave without purifying water. In a country like Nairobi, where people are conscious about water, energy each home and office is trying for a water purifier.

Purification and cleansing of water can be done   through an additional purification processes like, typically reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization and is not harmful to your body. While boiling water purification process is a costly affair, bottled water is also not good for health due to preservatives and contaminations. Boiled water is not necessarily always safe water.

If you are a prospective buyer of water purifier systems available in Nairobi, please follow the details to decide about an appropriate water purifier.

Tap water may be harmful-

Tap water may cause to rashes and skin burns, tooth enamel problems, and often contains arsenic, lead, barium, other toxic chemicals and bacteria. These countless microorganisms and toxins in tap water can contribute to allergy symptoms and disease. Nominal investment in water purifier price can help you to get rid of these chemicals from your drinking water to deal with all allergy symptoms.

Risk of contamination is reduced-

By drinking purified water, you will minimize your exposure to contaminants and may potentially reduce your allergy symptoms. Purified water comes from the methods of filtration like distillation or reverse osmosis. Both distilled and reverse osmosis water is completely lack of minerals, but consumption of mineral-free purified water may not harmful to your body and can be procured with an affordable price.

Pure water regulate your body properly-

Water is measured as a universal solvent that can support to drop your allergy symptoms through cellular hydration. Drinking water purifiers available in Nairobi can help to reduce illnesses by decreasing the toxin absorption and local immune responses as well as regulating physiological function.

Only drink pure water-

Blood in your body may contain 92 percent of water, muscle contains 75 percent of water and the whole body contains about 60 percent of water.  By consuming purified water, you can minimize your exposure to contaminants and may potentially decrease your allergic reaction symptoms. Minerals are vital to our cellular metabolism, growth, and vitality, and we get greater part of them from consuming food and mineral water. Market is filled with various water purifier companies, where everyone claims itself to have the best price and services. Aqua Vita PHSI bottle less water purification system with its best service can prove to be the most economical way to deal with Purified water solution.

Economical and affordable-

There are several brand water purifiers available; some of these use RO methods, some use Carbon Filtration, some of them also use UV filtration or integrated water purification process. But for commercial or residential purpose PHSI bottle-less water purification system sounds to be the best economic model available to market as it purifies and cool the water at the same energy cost.Present study shows that some people recognize that, their water purifier prices are affordable. Some agreed that somehow they have managed this price and some people agreed to the prices of water purifier to be high. Maximum percentage of people aware about water related diseases and certain people still does aware about water related disease. The percent access to clean or improved sources of Water Purifier system in Nairobi has improved a lot with the slow and steady infrastructural improvement. Investment in water purifier is very economical. One time investment may cost to you but in long run it can be a great idea and cost very less pocket money.


If you want to reduce water contamination, purchase a reverse osmosis unit. At AquaVita Limited Nairobi we serve banks, financial institutions, global corporate houses, healthcare offices, warehouses and many more. Our water purification technology indirectly reduces the costs and injuries and increasing productivity and efficiency. We suggest you to buy PHSI bottle-less water purification system at a pocket-friendly price for your house, society, office at a whole house water purification system that you can connect to the plumbing system at the point of entrance into the house to filter out chlorine, chemicals, particulates, and microorganisms from your drinking water. Get a free trial option and keep away from the unnecessary bottle prices; For any enquiry contact us on our telephone number<+255 222296270>, < +254 (0) 202396841>

How is a Reverse Osmosis Water System Better than the Bottled Water in Nairobi?

Drinking water is a smart and healthy way to stay fit! Pure and fresh water helps you stay hydrated.  Bottled water may prove to be convenient way but it has plenty of downsides, which can affect your health, budget due to non-Fluorination, toxic nature of plastic, expensive. Relying on reverse osmosis drinking water systems or water purifiers to get fresh, clean, pure and healthy drinking water is one of the best way to keep fit.

Bottled Water is almost banned in Nairobi due to several factors.  A Reverse osmosis water system is preferred over the bottled water!

1. Remove Contaminants:

Drinking contaminated water can affect your health. Compared to the packaged bottled water, the reverse osmosis system or water purifiers efficiently removes the unwanted contaminates and offers pure and fresh drinking water. The special membrane of the reverse osmosis system filters out the vast majority of microscopic organisms, heavy metals and other contaminants like lead, copper, arsenic, chromium, radium and selenium. This ensures a reverse osmosis system provides clean, pure and safe drinking water.

2. Affordable:

Compared to the bottled water, reverse osmosis system or water purifier is a one-time investment and proves to be affordable. Buying bottled water in Nairobi all the time for your workplace and organization will prove to be expensive. With a reverse osmosis system, you will only be paying pennies per gallon to enjoy fresh, pure and healthy drinking water. It is found that some of the best restaurants, organizations, offices and many other commercial establishments in Nairobi are installing reverse osmosis system or water purifier to enjoy a cost-effective way getting clean and healthy drinking water.

3. Taste Quality:

Do you know!! The reverse osmosis water system or water purifier provides healthy and tasty water that not only quench your thirst but also helps in preparing good food, coffee, and tea. This also one of the main reason, which inspires most of the business and home owners in Nairobi to get rid of bottled drinking water and install reverse osmosis water system or water purifier.

4. Environmentally Friendly:

Use of plastic bottles results in landfills and pollution. As per the National Geographic, it is found that around 17 million of crude oil is used each year during the production of plastic bottles. In this case, you can avoid the use of bottled water and rely on reverse osmosis water system or water purifier, which will prove to be an environmentally friendly and safe way to enjoy fresh, clean and pure drinking water.

Make your home or office at Nairobi a safe water place by avoiding bottled water and installing a top quality reverse osmosis water system or water purifier. At  Aquavita LLc., We provide customers the highest performing water purification systems with reverse osmosis technology in Nairobi to enjoy better tasting, healthier and pure drinking water. Our PHSI water purification system not only eliminates the environmental impact of bottled water but also provides fresher and safer drinking water.

Contact us  +255 222296270/ +254 (0) 202396841 to know more about our bottle-less drinking water purification systems with reverse osmosis technology!

Reverse Osmosis System: A Healthy Drinking Water Solution

Drinking sufficient water is no doubt a healthy decision! But, you still have so many options when it is about what kind of water you intake. Distilled? Bottled? Tap water? Natural spring water?

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems offer you with fresh and germ-free water right in your home or office. Below listed are a few reasons why it is the best alternative if you are looking for safe and clean water every time.

Lead-free water is healthy:

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the reverse osmosis filtering system can extract lead effectively, therefore making it safer for consumption. The excessive level of lead in your body can be upshot in hypertension, issues with fertility & development of muscle and nerve damage. Lead even lead to brain injury & prompt severe anemia in kids.

Filters Cryptosporidium:

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, reverse osmosis water doesn’t feature cryptosporidium, an organism discovered in the polluted water. Once consumed, these organisms affect our small intestines, prompting fever, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Children who come in contact with this organism can experience malnutrition and dehydration.

Extract sodium from the water:

Reverse osmosis extracts sodium molecules from water quite effectively. Larger sodium particles can’t go through the later of the reverse osmosis filter system. Therefore, drinking reverse osmosis water offers great benefits to individuals with liver or kidney disease, high blood pressure or any sodium restrictions.

It is better for cooking:

The contaminant in your home’s tap or bore-well water is going to impact the flavor of the foods you make.  When you bake homemade bread, boil pasta, or make soups, distilled water can make a huge different. If you are using tap water for cooking, there is a great chance you’ve excessive chlorine in it. That won’t just make foods to taste awkward, it discolors it also.

You will also discover that tea and coffee taste better with reverse osmosis water. Today you can easily come across many restaurants that are using reverse osmosis water for cooking.

It tastes wonderful:

Possibly the best reason why many people prefer to have reverse osmosis drinking water in their home or office is it tastes delicious. When you extract all those contaminants, you are left with nothing but distilled and refreshing water.

At AquaVita we offer affordable water filter in Nairobi using reverse osmosis filtration system. Whether you are looking for a water filter system for your home or office, we cover it all. Let us know if you have any question about our water filter systems. We are available 24×7 for your help on  +255 222296270.




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