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How is a Reverse Osmosis Water System Better than the Bottled Water in Nairobi?

Drinking water is a smart and healthy way to stay fit! Pure and fresh water helps you stay hydrated.  Bottled water may prove to be convenient way but it has plenty of downsides, which can affect your health, budget due to non-Fluorination, toxic nature of plastic, expensive. Relying on reverse osmosis drinking water systems or water purifiers to get fresh, clean, pure and healthy drinking water is one of the best way to keep fit.

Bottled Water is almost banned in Nairobi due to several factors.  A Reverse osmosis water system is preferred over the bottled water!

1. Remove Contaminants:

Drinking contaminated water can affect your health. Compared to the packaged bottled water, the reverse osmosis system or water purifiers efficiently removes the unwanted contaminates and offers pure and fresh drinking water. The special membrane of the reverse osmosis system filters out the vast majority of microscopic organisms, heavy metals and other contaminants like lead, copper, arsenic, chromium, radium and selenium. This ensures a reverse osmosis system provides clean, pure and safe drinking water.

2. Affordable:

Compared to the bottled water, reverse osmosis system or water purifier is a one-time investment and proves to be affordable. Buying bottled water in Nairobi all the time for your workplace and organization will prove to be expensive. With a reverse osmosis system, you will only be paying pennies per gallon to enjoy fresh, pure and healthy drinking water. It is found that some of the best restaurants, organizations, offices and many other commercial establishments in Nairobi are installing reverse osmosis system or water purifier to enjoy a cost-effective way getting clean and healthy drinking water.

3. Taste Quality:

Do you know!! The reverse osmosis water system or water purifier provides healthy and tasty water that not only quench your thirst but also helps in preparing good food, coffee, and tea. This also one of the main reason, which inspires most of the business and home owners in Nairobi to get rid of bottled drinking water and install reverse osmosis water system or water purifier.

4. Environmentally Friendly:

Use of plastic bottles results in landfills and pollution. As per the National Geographic, it is found that around 17 million of crude oil is used each year during the production of plastic bottles. In this case, you can avoid the use of bottled water and rely on reverse osmosis water system or water purifier, which will prove to be an environmentally friendly and safe way to enjoy fresh, clean and pure drinking water.

Make your home or office at Nairobi a safe water place by avoiding bottled water and installing a top quality reverse osmosis water system or water purifier. At  Aquavita LLc., We provide customers the highest performing water purification systems with reverse osmosis technology in Nairobi to enjoy better tasting, healthier and pure drinking water. Our PHSI water purification system not only eliminates the environmental impact of bottled water but also provides fresher and safer drinking water.

Contact us  +255 222296270/ +254 (0) 202396841 to know more about our bottle-less drinking water purification systems with reverse osmosis technology!

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