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Coca-Cola Claims Contaminated Contents in Dasani Water

Worldwide soft drinks giant – Coca-Cola has revealed that Dasani water contains cancer-causing plastic particles. Kenya tops the list of supplying Dasani bottled water. Coca-Cola has claimed the mere presence of micro-plastics in Dasani water and among 93 percent of world’s well-known bottled water …

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Five Benefits of Filtered Water using Aqua Vita Water Filter System

Pure drinking water is an essential element for day to day living? Pure water is available in various forms packaged and bottled. Getting Pure and clear water by installing water filter system in your office gives you a better living condition. Water Filter Systems assists to promote healthy living …

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Purified Water a Must Need to Stay Safe in the Present World

Water is life and you cannot do anything without water. Water you use must be purified and fresh. In the current times when there is huge scarcity of pure drinking water, at the same time science and technology make it more costly. However we can’t leave without purifying water. In a country like Na…

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How is a Reverse Osmosis Water System Better than the Bottled Water in Nairobi?

Drinking water is a smart and healthy way to stay fit! Pure and fresh water helps you stay hydrated.  Bottled water may prove to be convenient way but it has plenty of downsides, which can affect your health, budget due to non-Fluorination, toxic nature of plastic, expensive. Relying on reverse osm…

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Reverse Osmosis System: A Healthy Drinking Water Solution

Drinking sufficient water is no doubt a healthy decision! But, you still have so many options when it is about what kind of water you intake. Distilled? Bottled? Tap water? Natural spring water?

Reverse osmosis drinking water systems offer you with fresh and germ-free water right in your home o…

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